Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Summer Bonuses

Summer Bonuses for HONEST HISD Employees (Yes there are still some left despite Rod Paige, Kathi Mincberg and Abe Saavedra)

Don't waste your time trying to get the HISD OIG (Robert Moore has no legal authority so he is NOT an Inspector General which is a Government law enforcement job)to do anything about HISD's liars, crooks and thieves. He was selected by Abe Saavedra who admitted he was a thief in Corpus Christi and approved by a school board that is severly ethically challenged. Can you spell L-a-r-r-y M-a-r-s-h-a-l-l?

Here's the deal. Create an email account on Yahoo.com and report to The WatchDog any criminal activity or unethical activity.

The WatchDog pays CASH per your terms and conditions (blind mail drops).

If your tip is about a faculty member and becomes a media story $50. First and second line administrators (principals, supervisors, counselors) $100. next level up in $50 increments. If your tip results in a criminal indictment or termination (not reassignment) additional $100 bonus. If you bring down a superintendent or similar official, $500. If your tip brings down a school board member (felony conviction $1000). Double for Saavedra.

Have a great summer and get yourself some spending money while cleansing our district of its parasites (are you listening Mr. Marshall?)

Remember, report your tips to hisdchiefthief@yahoo.com. Documentation may be needed, your identity will never be known, not even to HISD's Watchdog.